Mitchell Demand Package Processing and Management

Efficiently Manage Third Party Demands

Mitchell’s Third Party Demand Package Processing and Management helps claims organizations accurately, consistently and efficiently organize and manage third party demands and documents.

Demand Packages

Today’s insurance workforce is experiencing significant changes prompting claims organizations to implement tools that increase efficiency and consistency. Our Third Party Demand Package Solutions are just one way we can help adjusters organize and respond to demand packages of all shapes and sizes.

Mitchell processes more than 800k demands annually with more than 3.5 million medical bills. We’ve seen firsthand the claims practices that help carriers succeed. As the workforce continues to evolve, learn how our claims software solutions help your drive better outcomes to your organization.

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800,000+ Demands Processed Annually

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75% Average Nurse Review Savings off Submitted Charges 

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$1500-$2000 Average Cost Reduction For Bills/Demand Packages 
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2–4 Days Average Turnaround Time

Solutions to Meet Your Needs—in All Shapes and Sizes

Demand needs vary and so do our solutions. There are times when you may just need a review of medical bills, and times that call for a comprehensive nurse review. Whether it’s simple, complicated or something in between, we have tools to get you the best claims outcome.


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